About this site

I have been planning writing blog posts in English for quite a long time and I have dreamed on finding or building some kind of holy grail of multi-language blogging engine.

Now I finally decided to abandon that quest and launched separate site named “Byte Plumbing” for English content.

I’m probably going to focus in software and web development and stuff related to my daily work in that field here while I keep posting on my Finnish blog about other hobbies and freetime activities. It’s also possible that I’ll translate some posts from there to here or vice versa.

Under the hood of this blog

This blog is generated with Octopress, which is blog framework designed for Jekyll static site generator.

Because this is static site I need to use 3rd party service for comments. I have chosen Disqus for that.

I collect statistics using self hosted Piwik installation, which will honor the Do Not Track header.

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