Inspecting Docker container network traffic

When developing dockerized services with other communication end-points than browser client one soon needs some ways to capture and debug network traffic from containers. Here’s some tools and tips I’ve been using.

Book review: CSS Secrets by Lea Verou

During holidays I finished book CSS Secrets by Lea Verou. I think its the best CSS book I have encountered. It presents 47 everyday design problems with well thought out alternative solutions using latest CSS features. First chapter gives short introduction on how CSS standards are formed and presents some best practices for writing CSS. That introduction chapter itself changed the way how I have been thinking the DRY principle regarding CSS.

Parsing MessagePack to Rails params

Update ActionDispatch::ParamsParser has been deprecated in Rails 5.0. Below solution works for Rails versions before 5.1 where ActionDispatch::ParamsParser got removed. Checkout this post for similar implementation in current Rails versions. Recently I had to develop Ruby on Rails app which would handle MessagePack formatted request bodies as well as JSON. By default Rails makes parsed JSON available at the params object, and I wanted MessagePack content to be handled just like that.

Secure storage for http basic auth credentials with Git

Lately I have been pushing to a couple git repository over https instead of usual git+ssh and the workflow felt a little bit tedious because by default git asks for http auth credentials before every action.

Fortunately I stumbled upon gitcredentials which allows git to use gnome-keyring among other possible storages.